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            Quiet and soft, synchronous and smooth, Bearing?strength?is?strong. SACA Concealed Slide series brings you unparalleled opening experience; Multi-directional adjustment, stable and reliable product quality, leading?edge?technology makes SACA Concealed Slide series in the market has a very high reputation; Multiple bearing, multiple sizes for your choice.

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            Guangdong SACA precision manufacturing Co., Ltd

            ADD: No. 3 Keye Road, Industrial Park, Beijiao Town Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China

            TEL: 400-688-6693

            FAX:0086-757-2665 3400

            Zip:528311 Http://www.zendshare.com

            E-mail:xinghui@sh-abc.cn export@sh-abc.cn

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