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          1. Stock code:300464


            Enterprise mission
            Enjoy cheap and fine, safe and comfortable furniture and hardware products for all human.


            Enterprise vision
            To become the world's leading manufacturer of household hardware products.


            Core values
            Honesty pragmatic, Professional focus, Continuous innovation, Grow together.


            Brand concept
            Delicate hardware, heart does not shading, Achieve century-old brand  which accompany billions of families around the world forever.


            Business concept
            Market-oriented, driven by science and technology, survival by quality, and development by innovation.


            Management concept
            Scientific management, system operation;Make the best use of everything.


            Manufacturing concept
            Digitalization, intelligence and ecology.


            Service concept
            Adhering to the elaborate careful, Committed, attentive and patient five-star service concept.


            Cooperation concept
            Respect customers, understand suppliers, and achieve common growth of the three parties through mutual benefit and win-win results.


            Guangdong SACA precision manufacturing Co., Ltd

            ADD: No. 3 Keye Road, Industrial Park, Beijiao Town Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China

            TEL: 400-688-6693

            FAX:0086-757-2665 3400

            Zip:528311 Http://www.zendshare.com

            E-mail:xinghui@sh-abc.cn export@sh-abc.cn

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